New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Flower Locations

The coveted Gold flower super rare, super hard to find but an awesome power to help you on your way to that million coin mark.   When you find or use a gold flower it turns Mario into Gold Mario which is similar to Fire Mario except when he throws a fireball its actually a Gold Fire Balls.  When the gold fireball hits enemies and bricks it will convert them to coins.  When Luigi gets a Gold flower he turns into Silver Luigi with the same fireball affect.   If you finish the level with Gold Mario or Silver Luigi they will convert back to the regular Fireball version for the next level.

The Gold flower item is the most rare item in the game and as far as we can tell by reading through guides and playing the game there are very few of these to be found in the actual game play by hitting normal question blocks.  These Gold flowers are more easily aquired in Roulette blocks and Toad houses (the ones marked with a gold star have Gold flowers in them).  During the game you will often need a gold flower to access secret areas, portals, pipes etc and if you are good enough to keep the golden Mario there are huge opportunities to get extra coins through levels with a huge amount of bricks such as World 2-1 and Star World 1.

Level Flower Levels Number of gold rings in this level
World 2-1 1
World 4-1 1
Mushroom-1 1
Star World 3 1

thats it, as you can see only 4 levels actually have gold flowers to be found by hitting question blocks.  Please let us know if we are missing any locations and we will be updating the Gold flower locations as we play through the game and find more items to report back on!


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