New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS Details and Screenshots

We’ve spotted some brand new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth info in tall grass today. 

According to the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine in Japan, you will be able to befriend various legendary Pokémon such as Terrakion and Landorus, as well as the hundreds of non-legendaries. You’ll also be able to find certain legendary Pokémon, such as Zekrom, in some of the game’s dungeons.

The game will also support co-op with up to three players, so that you can team up with your friends to take on powerful Pokémon together using a local wireless connection.

A fresh batch of new screenshots of the game has also been released, and you can check them out over on the Nintendo 3DS Blog.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth is headed to Japan very soon on November 23. Unfortunately, there is no word on a US or Europe release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as one is announced.

Until then, you can ease your impatience with three animated trailers for the game. Each are very entertaining, with two being anime-style shorts of Pikachu’s adventures and another a 3D animation. Check them out here!

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