New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS Animated Trailers

Nintendo’s Pokemon Japan YouTube channel has posted three new awesome animated trailers for upcoming 3DS title Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth.

The game is due out in Japan very soon on November 23. There is no word on a US or UK release date yet, though we can safely assume it’ll reach American and British shores somewhere down the line as we received previous entries in the Mystery Dungeon series. Plus, well, its Pokemon.

All three trailers are expertly animated – the first two in 2D, the the third in 3D. The first sees Pikachu and his buddy Oshawott meeting in a forest, before adventuring together across grassy plains, meeting other Pokemon friends.

The second sees the pair escaping from a dark cave, being chased to the edge of a dangerous cliff by a variety of large, predator Pokemon. After forming a squad, the team later visit an eerie ice cavern, where the legendary and angry Kyurem awaits.

The final feature is a little different than the anime shorts, focusing on two adorable Japanese children who are playing Mystery Dungeon on their 3DS, before being sucked inside the system into the world of Pokemon.

You can catch all of the trailers below – though they are Japanese-voiced, its not hard to follow what’s going on.

Trailer 1:


Trailer 2:


Trailer 3:


Looking forward to the game reaching your territory?

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