New Borderlands 2 Character On It’s Way, Says Report

New Borderlands 2 Character On It’s Way, Says Report

According to an article posted on, it is speculated that a new character might be on it’s way for Borderlands 2.

As the article suggests, the speculation about the new character being added started after a tweet made by CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford which read, “Yes –  we’re working on another character.” Coming from the company’s CEO, this makes for some exciting news for Borderlands fans around the world.

Although the addition of any new character has not been officially confirmed, here is what 2k Games explained, “The necessary systems are in place for us to create additional playable characters, however the decision to make use of those systems has always relied on the community’s response to the Mechromancer.”

By the response given, it is evident that 2k Games are willing to use the wait and watch strategy. The outcome of how well Mechromancer is accepted, will definitely drive the bargain of working on new characters or classes for the gamers. This strategy might be very fruitful for the developers, having new characters introduced periodically will generate interest and increase the shelf life of the game itself.

If and when the character is introduced, it will definitely be through a DLC that will probably not only add the new character but also offer upgrades, new weapons and definitely new treasures.

We sure hope that such new introductions through DLC’s continue to add the rich experience of Borderlands 2.



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