NES Mega Man Series On 3DS?

My feelings about Capcom aren’t exactly, well good. They seem to be pissing off lots of fans lately. Thing is though, regardless of what people have to say about Capcom, there is really only one issue that matters to me most. Mega Man.

The “Blue Bomber” has a nice 25th anniversary coming along this December. My hopes are that they give similar treatment to Mega Man as they did Street Fighter. In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, a interview with Christian Svensson (Capcom Senior Vice President and Brett Elston (Capcom Senior Community Manager) shows that there may at least be some hope for the mega of men, who is blue and cyan, and has a gun for a hand.

The idea is to hopefully bring all six of the Nintendo Entertainment System Mega Man titles to the 3DS Virtual Console. There are some issues with bringing these great titles on over, but like most things in regards to gaming that people get excited about, the answer is the infamous “we’re working on it”. First seeing this on The Mega Man Network, the very last sentence says the following.

One has to wonder what the issues are, but truthfully I wouldn’t worry too much.

I’m trusting you guys, and I hope you’re right. I’m a huge Mega Man fan, and I’d gladly re-buy all six to play on the go.

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