My List: Most Anticipated Games of 2013

2013 looks to be a big year for video games. The Wii U should have captivated the hearts of gamer’s everywhere, or fail miserably and the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be looking to crank out a few smash hits before the next generation hits the world. So what games are you most excited for in 2013. For me I am a PS3 user and still very skeptical of the Wii U. So my list includes console games and one PC game. I don’t have a PC capable to play it, but I can always hope to have one by then.

The first game that I am looking forward to is The Last of Us. The open world post-apocalyptic third person survival game that destroyed the competition at E3 and will most certainly sell PS3s

Secondly I cant wait for BioShock Infinite. I was a big fan of the first and the second BioShock I was very disappointed that the games release was delayed but I am hoping that the extra time will make it even better.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a must in any gamer’s list of upcoming 2013 games. The recent trailer makes me even more excited and my favorite type of games are open world action games.

I am a huge RPG fan and some of my favorite series are the elder scrolls, mass effect and fallout games. However, I also enjoyed the Dragon Age series and Dragon Age 3 Inquisition makes me very excited to jump back into that world.

Splinter Cell was one of my favorite series on the PS2 and I was very disappointed that I could not play Splinter Cell Conviction on my Ps3. Thus, when I heard about Blacklist it got me very excited for some stealth combat action.

My PC game is one of my favorite strategy game series of all time, Total War. I have played the Rome, Barbarians, Medieval, Kingdoms and Empire on my laptop with the graphics on the lowest settings. For the upcoming Rome 2 I need a good PC and I need to play it.

I do have a maybe to play and sorta excited list as well. This list includes Crysis 3, loved the first one, never finished the second one. Tomb Raider is another game I am on the fence about. Metro Last Night is also a game that looks interesting but one that I am not to sure about either.

So what are your most anticipated games of 2013?

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