Microsoft retires Twitter and Facebook from Xbox Live Marketplace

The upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update is not just adding new features, it’s removing some.  Talking to IGN, Microsoft said that it’s “retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps,” but made no comment about whether or not they’ll be coming back in the future. The company recommends that users access the services via the brand new Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 app.

In addition to Internet Explorer, the new update will introduce “SmartGlass” a new companion device system that allows Xbox 360 gamers to access bonus content and features in games and apps via a tablet or smartphone. The update itself is expected to hit any day now, firstly in North America and the United Kingdom and over other regions later one. As someone who has had the opportunity to test it myself, it’s quite a bit faster, smoother, better looking and functioning than the previous one. Of course, SmartGlass was not available in the beta so I can’t comment on that.

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