Microsoft details new Xbox 360 purchase plans

Earlier this year Microsoft started offering a Xbox 360 bundle that included the console, Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold membership for $99 up front and a 2 year contract for $14.99 each month. Originally available only through their own store, it could later be found at Best Buy and Gamestop. Now it seems that idea worked out for them since they’ve announced new bundles following the same pricing model. Starting October 28, available at Gamestop, Walmart, Toys R Us and Best Buy, the new packs include either a Kinect bundle with a 4gb console or a standalone 250gb console. Available for a limited time is also a special 250gb Kinect bundle for $149.99 as the initial payment.

All of this is of course only available in the United States at this point. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s Matt Barlow stated that this kind of subscription model is pivotal to the company. “We wanted to see if we would get sustained consumer excitement and willingness from partners to get this in retail.” According to him the response from customers and partners has been so positive that this kind of pricing model will most likely be used for future Microsoft products. “This type of program is pivotal to our business,” he said.

If I had to choose myself, I’d always go with the classic way of buying consoles – paying full price upfront and enjoying your purchase. Still, never hurts to have options.

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