Metro: Last Light Limited Edition Pre Order Now Available

THQ is reporting that Metro: Last Light, due to ship in March of 2013, is now being released with a Limited Edition copy of the game.  The Limited Edition is said to include the AKS-74U a modified Russian rifle, military grade ammo, and the return of Ranger Mode, just to make the game a bit harder.  The best thing is that you can upgrade any pre order of this game to the Limited Edition, and it is still only going to cost you the original $59.99.

For anyone not familiar with the original Metro 2033, it was a first person shooter that took you through the desolate metro tunnels, and poisoned surface world of a toxic Moscow.  The land, air, and even the tunnels themselves, where over run by mutated monsters and unfriendly humans all trying to make your journey a nightmare.  The tunnels gave you a claustrophobic feeling of never seeing the light of day again, and the real feel of using the gas mask on the surface made you wish that you had never left the underground metro tunnels.   The squeal promises more of the same.  Once again you play as the main character, Artyom, trying to fight back the mutant and human threats.  The game is centered around a civil war that is brewing between the station-cities, trying to find a doomsday device in the military vaults of D6.

It looks like Metro fans are finally going to get to step back in the tunnels after waiting 3 years for the squeal.  The update graphics should make for stunning atmospheric gameplay, allowing the player to amerce themselves in to the game.  Also it is going to be released on the Playstation 3, finally giving them a turn in the tunnels.

To take a look at the gameplay, check out the link below.


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