Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Gameplay Details Revealed

In a recent blog entry,  Lorenzo Grajales has revealed more details about Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. This was blogged by Lorenzo after getting the opportunity to have a playthrough at a recent press event. Here are the details that were specified by him.

Emphasizing that action is the core of the gameplay, Lorenzo further added, “Raiden means thunder and lightning, and that’s exactly what he is in this game. The action is frenetic. Raiden can use Blade Mode to cut literally everything, scenery and enemies alike. By cutting certain parts of their bodies, you can expose your enemies’ fuel cells in order to rip them out and recover your energy, a crucial gameplay strategy in that if you cut well, you will be rewarded.”

Speaking about Raiden’s abilities in the game, he added that with two attack forms of normal and strong, Raiden can perform combination attacks as well. The quickness and agility of Raiden has also increased, he specified, with R1 button being used both for running and deflecting bullets.

Speaking about the defense that the game offers, he added, “Parrying is also extremely important: Using the Square button and the left analog stick at the instant an attacking enemy flashes red, you’ll be able to launch an immediate counterattack. This gets interesting when you begin to encounter enemies who can parry your attacks, leading you to stop their attacks with another parry and so on, in what becomes a mortal dance in which you can lose far more than just a finger.”

Speaking about locales that were available during the playthrough he added,  “We go to Guadalajara, Mexico. Raiden arrives dressed as a mariachi and promptly hides in the sewers with LQ-84i.”

With the action that is described in the blog entry, it feels Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance will be an action packed game with great visuals.

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