Hunting down Bin Laden in Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

A new video showing extra downloadable content for the upcoming Electronic Arts first person shooter Medal Of Honor: Warfighter has been released.
Developed by Danger Close Games, MOH: Warfighter is the direct sequel of the series reboot Medal Of Honor and the fourteenth entry in the long running franchise.
Six different classes will be available to choose: Assaulter, Sniper, Point Man, Heavy Gunner and Spec Ops.
Gameplay will also use a fire team system where teamplay will be encouraged.
The expansion will be called Zero Dark Thirty Map like the 2012 movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow.
Two maps will be included in the expansion: the first one will take place in Darra’s weapons market, a tribal area where tribe leaders rule and police forces can’t enter.
It’s the perfect place to hide since no one from the outside can enter the village.
The second map will be called Chitral, a place where Bin Laden hid for some time: it’s a hard to reach mountain zone because of the roads and the snow which falls for many months a year, definitely another grood place to hid from your enemies.

The Zero Dark Thirty Map pack will be free for all preorders, everyone else can buy the pack for 7,00 £.
Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc versions of Medal Of Honor Warfighter will hit shelves on next week: October 23 in the US, October 25 in Europe.
Wii U version will be released at a later date


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