Mass Effect 3 Asari Adept Guide

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I’ve always liked biotics in the Mass Effect games, and the asari are generally accepted to be the most biotically-inclined species in the galaxy. Bioware did an excellent job of translating this into their multiplayer experience, and even players that tend to be more tech or weapons-inclined should, in my opinion, have a pocket asari adept to break out because of how useful she can be to pretty much every group and combination of classes against every enemy. She is an excellent source of damage and crowd control, and I’m always thankful to have one on my team.


Here is what’s generally accepted to be the best build for asari adept. A few of the choices are debatable and mainly up to personal preference, such as rank 4 of stasis and rank 6 of warp. The ones you really want to make sure you’re picking are bubble for rank 6 of stasis to make it the excellent crowd control power it is and the biotic detonation strength upgrades for warp and throw, since getting detonations is your primary source of damage output. Generally rank 6 of the class passive (in this case, “asari justicar”) upgrade tree is fairly useless for powers-based classes. Weapon damage isn’t your primary concern and you should be bringing a weapon that’s light enough to give you 200% cooldown without the rank 6 weight bonus. By skipping rank 6 of the class passive, you can afford the first 3 ranks of fitness, which will give you an extra 250 total health/barrier. She is still a very squishy class that dies very easily, but at least you have a slightly greater room for error and a split second longer to dodge out of line-of-sight or get behind cover.

Now, as for weapon choice, there are several good heavy pistols she can use, once again depending on your preference. The carnifex is probably the most solid and popular choice. You can stasis bubble groups of enemies and pop headshots off on them for nice damage during your cooldown, then detonate any enemies still in stasis with a throw. The paladin, the ultra-rare version of the carnifex, is basically a higher damage-per-shot version of it with a smaller clip, which suits asari adept well since you want to minimize your time spent out of cover due to your squishiness. The thing is that it’s a lot heavier and more difficult to level up, so I would avoid using it unless you have the pistol ultralight materials weapon upgrade at level V, which can keep you at 200% cooldown if you outfit your paladin with it. Finally, another excellent, and probably my new personal favorite, choice of pistol for her is the new acolyte pistol that came out with the last DLC. This pistol isn’t for stasis-sniping and scoring headshots like the other two, but rather is specifically designed for doing high damage to shields. This is perfect for our girl since shields are the one type of protection her powers don’t do heavy damage to. Acolyte shots are an excellent way to quickly take down the shields of atlases or geth primes. Your warp/throw biotic explosions do very minimal damage to these bosses’ shields, but once their shields are down your explosions will absolutely rip through their armor. If you’ve got a high-level acolyte and haven’t found a class you like it on yet, try it out on asari adept; it’s an excellent choice for rounding out her gameplay and compensating for her one real weakness.


I alluded to some of the basics of the asari adept’s playstyle in the above section. Most people will tell you that the playstyle for this class can be broken down into a single sentence: “spam your powers and score those dets.” This isn’t far from the truth, but if you want to be extremely aggressive and push into enemies doing nothing but warp/throw over and over, human sentinel is actually a better choice for you to be playing (my favorite class in the game, so count on a guide for him in the future). Asari adept, due to her low health/shields and stasis bubble power, is actually better with a more reserved, calculated style. Stasis bubble is one of the best powers in the game, and your teammates will love you for using it. It works on any enemy without armor, meaning every “normal” enemy except geth pyros. Finding a group of cerberus troopers, geth hunters/rocket troopers, or cannibals/marauders and casting stasis bubble on them will have the twofold effect of not only making it easier for you and your teammates to line up shots on them, but also instantly removing all the damage they would have been putting out on you with their weapons, allowing you to stay out of cover longer and take less damage. It can be detonated by your throw or any of your squadmates’ biotic powers for an area-of-effect biotic explosion as well. I used to play this class with more of a focus on spamming warp on enemies and getting detonations that way, but the more I play her, the more I find myself using stasis on regular enemies instead. It slows down the pace of the game and takes pressure off you and your team.

The situation stasis bubble’s benefits are felt most strongly in though is when going up against phantoms. Cerberus phantoms are arguably the most dangerous enemy in the game. They can block projectile powers, dodge weapons-fire, pump out insane damage against you with their palm cannon from long range, and instakill you with their sword at close range. Most classes have an extremely hard time dealing with them, and being beset by multiple phantoms at once has caused many a group of players to wipe and fail their mission. As an asari adept though, you are phantom kryptonite. Since they don’t have armor, phantoms are vulnerable to stasis. Simply freeze them with it, shoot them to take down their barriers, then finish them with a throw or two once they’re down to just health. Easy. Every group that is going to be going up against phantoms on gold or platinum would do well to have an asari adept with them. It makes things a thousand times easier.

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