Interesting Resident Evil Facts in Latest “Did You Know Gaming?” Episode

Interesting Resident Evil Facts in Latest “Did You Know Gaming?” Episode

The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming? is a Halloween special, covering little-known facts about the Resident Evil franchise. If you’ve never heard of DYKG? before, its a brilliant Tumblr website dedicated to providing gaming facts that even hardcore gamers wouldn’t have heard of.

This Resident Evil episode comes from their awesome YouTube channel. Even as a veteran fan of RE since childhood, even I didn’t know some of the facts here. This time it is voiced by YouTube gamer and review ProJared, and previous episodes have featured Game Grumps stars Egoraptor and JonTron.

The video covers the mystical and highly-desired beta in the Resident Evil community Resident Evil 1.5, as well as early development ideas and in-game secrets that you can access yourself.

Check it out!

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