Indie Games for Good Marathon is Underway And They Want Your Help

A group of gamers in San Diego, California called the Cloudboat Armada is hosting an indie video game marathon that started October 19th and your involvement is invaluable. The Indie Games for Good Marathon, or IGG Marathon, is in it’s second year of helping out the Child’s Play Charity and last year the IGG Marathon earned nearly $7000. As of this time of writing, the marathon has already earned $7801.

How the IGG Marathon works is that it’ll be broadcast online live where viewers can watch and actively participate in the marathon. How can you participate? It’s the viewers that get to choose what games are played and you can always donate! The great thing about the IGG Marathon is that the money goes directly into the Child’s Play paypal account, meaning that you don’t have to fear about where your money goes.

“Marathons are a fantastic way to raise awareness for charities,” says Matt Rasmussen, Event Coordinator. “We’ve already received an amazing amount of support from multiple game developers and fans. I’m incredibly passionate about indie games; they’re varied in style and genre so that there’s something that everyone loves — so we’re really hoping that our marathon will reach a lot of the community and raise money for this great cause.”

The players can directly interact with viewers via social networking and a chat on the website. Viewers can win prizes, chat with indie game developers (if they so choose to get interviewed), and more! Just today, Vincent Diamante, composer of Flower, participated in an interview with the group and there’s more to come.

“Child’s Play is fortunate to benefit from the indie games community,” says Jamie Dillion, with Child’s Play. “Since our founding we have had incredible support from gamers all over the world. Game marathons like the Indie Games for Good Marathon provide great entertainment for viewers, while raising awareness and funds for the cause. When gamers give back, it makes a difference!”

The live broadcast has already begun and is scheduled to end in 37 hours unless more donations come through and keep the marathon going.

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