How to Win at Every Call of Duty Match

When I first started playing Call of Duty, I found it very hard to stay alive for a while. I wondered how gamers managed to get multiple kills in a row, and even manage to get the Nuke in Modern Warfare 2 or the MOAB in MW3. The whole game seemed foreign to me, and I knew I had some learning to do. I took a look at some of the big gamers at Machinima or on YouTube, such as SeaNanners and WhiteBoy7thSt. I studied the way they played, and I took note of some of the things that I saw them do the most. So I made a list, and I have followed this list ever since, this list is so good, that the first week Black Ops came out, I managed to prestige! Hopefully it will help you out as well as you’re aiming for that nuke.

Stay on the Outskirts of the map

Call of Duty is a very tactical game, and requires the player to see where everyone is from a distance. For example, this tip is very useful on the MW2 map, Afghan. When I was a noob at the game, I would run straight through the middle of the map, and no matter how many times I tried, I still got shot to death. After that, though, I stayed on top of the hill, or inside the big cave, and managed to get a nuke out of the map. Staying on the outskirts of the map really helps keep you concealed and keeping everyone visible.

The Legendary Afghan Map

Learn to use the sights that Infinity Ward has granted you

The only times you shouldn’t be using the sights in Call of Duty is if you run into an enemy out of nowhere, using a sub-machine gun, or trying to do some quickscopes for your next YouTube montage. Otherwise, always try to use the sights on your weapon, they will always come in handy. If your in a big map, such as MW3’s Bakaara, you should always put your sights up when  you see an enemy from afar. Chances are if you yourself get killed on any map from afar, the enemy used their sights. Also try to equip the Quickdraw Perk if you can, it will allow you to raise your sights much quicker.

Learn to Crouch and Prone

I can’t even count how many times I have been killed, and all I had to do was crouch behind that wall! Crouching is an essential part of Call of Duty, most of the time, you will find yourself crouching behind walls, which will really help once the enemy runs out of ammo. The only thing you have to worry about is crouching behind walls that can be shot through. Staying prone is also an essential part of staying concealed. I myself love to stay prone on top of other dead bodies or in the grass and bushes to conceal myself, and when someone passes by, I can shoot them down. One thing I did to improve the way I play is switch to the tactical layout. The tactical layout switches the knife button with the crouch button, so you crouch by pressing the right joystick. I did this, because I find myself crouching more than I knife.

Don’t be a Camper

This is the one thing that really ticks me off in Call of Duty: The Campers. The people who equip dual UMP-45’s and stay in the same place racking up kills. Sure this tactic works for about 3-5 kills, and I have tried it out a few times, but all it really does is piss off other players, and gets you free kills. You aren’t learning anything, plus, most of the camping spots are already known to player, and they will find a way to kill you if you try to camp. It is a great tactic if you’re just trying to rack up XP, but please do not do it for a living.

A typical Camper

These are the Essential 4. The tips you must know to win every game in Call of Duty. Hopefully, you implement them in the way you currently play, especially if you are a noob.

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