Hori reveals new Wii U accessory line

With the Wii U release date being less than a month away, more companies are trying to push their own accessory lines for the new Nintendo console. The presence of a touch screen on the Wii U Gamepad is cause of concerns among players who wish to keep the screen itself clean and free of scratches. And the need of covers and other accessories to protect the GamePad from damage is equally important.

The Hong-Kong based company Hori, one of the biggest names in console accessories often producing officially licensed products, steps up to aid the players in their quest of preserving the physical integrity of their new Gamepads!

The new Wii U accessory line has been revealed today with a wide range of accessories available from December. Great attention has been given to the production of 4 types of screen protectors to suit even the most demanding players’ needs: the company revealed a “Standard” screen protector, a “Lustrous” screen protector which uses lustrous materials that prioritize image quality, a “Fingerprint” screen protector which makes it easier to remove fingerprints off the screen and an “Excellent” screen protector sold with a microfiber cleaning cloth which offers a 99.7% glare reduction.

An extensive line of soft and hard pouches, Gamepad covers and cleaning cloths, stylus packs, in-ear headphones will also be available from December.

Wii U will be available next month worldwide: Nov 18 in the United States, November 30 in Europe and Australia and finally December 6 in Japan.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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