Health in Shooters, Good or Bad?

The new trend in video games appears to be first person shooters.  Franchises like Call of duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor have defined the FPS in the last decade or so.  A definition that includes big guns, big noise and lots of enemies that you as the soldier, decimate the enemy in Rambo like fashion taking all kinds of lead. They all have another thing in common, regenerating health of some kind. Games like Call of Duty and battlefield are multiplier behemoths that are made for fun and quick action. But where is the realism? With realistic weapons, bullet and gun sounds, and uniforms and equipment the line between arcade and realism is ever closing in  nearly every department. However, what about the health?

I have never been personally shot in real life, but I know you can not get shot,  you see only red, you  hide behind some cover, and be good in a dozen seconds or so.  So is this a good thing or a bad game? Some games have tried the realistic approach, the  Operation Flashpoint series by Bohemia Interactive comes to mind. Enemies are killed in often one or two shots, and so are you. Health is not regenerated and if you are shot in the arm your  aiming becomes ineffective, and in the legs your running is effected.  Health is only repaired through med kits which are carried on your person or those on your team.  The Operation Flashpoint series has had varied success in there attempt to bring realism to FPS, but no where near the  successes of  call of duty.  While the  Far cry’s series most recent incarnation and the upcoming game uses a health system similar to a  first aid kit system with syringes.

So what do you like? What do you want to see in your FPS? Do you like the regenerating health where you can take cover for a moment and be back to fighting in an instant. Or do you prefer the realistic one shot and your either dead, messed up, or wasted a precious health kit?

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  1. There are a ton of FPS’s that don’t regen health when you play them. Some are successful, most are not. That’s because most people don’t like having to restart every 30 seconds because they were shot once.

  2. What about Bullet Proof Vests? you can get shot from a distance and still be fully functional.. mind you the after math of bruises is a different story. However if you get a head shot you should be dead no matter what.

    Health regeneration sometimes and I guess most times is not realistic.. but taking multiple shots and still being alive is realistic. but hey its a video game right?

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