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As a follow-up post to yesterday’s Xbox Update Preview, here is the promised preview for Happy Wars. Happy Wars is being developed by Toylogic, who you may have never heard of previously but most likely have played a title they had their hand in, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unlike Brawl, Happy Wars is all Toylogic’s doing and trust me, that’s a good thing! Happy Wars is doing a couple firsts for Xbox, the first being XBLA’s first free-to-play game. If you’re anything like me, you’re don’t have a whole lot of money to blow on trying out every new game that comes out in the marketplace. Yes, every game does have a free trial but that’s just a trial. No achievements, no full game, and a lot of times, no online multiplayer. But Happy Wars is here to change all that. When you download this game for free, you’ll be getting all three of those things mentioned above and so much more! This game is also the first MOBA title for the Xbox 360. For those of you unfamiliar with this fairly new genre, MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. Think League of Legends and DOTA 2. PC gamers know both F2P and MOBA games, but PC gamers do not know Happy Wars.

Sporting a fantastic cartoony art-style, this game is all about fun and fun is what you get. Featuring both a single-player campaign and multiplayer, you have tons of replayablity right here. Of course, the greatest achievement of Happy Wars is its online multiplayer but it surprisingly has a very entertaining single-player. With such an online-centric game, most people would think the single-player is just some tutorial to prepare you for multiplayer. While that is partially true, the single-player in itself is worthy of recognition.

The storyline revolves around two kingdoms, the light kingdom and the dark kingdom, that happen to start disagree over the silliest things and then start wars over them. One silly example being at the beginning of the game, the two kings start a war because they can’t agree what is the best solution to keeping warm on a snowy day. I don’t know about you but I love this game because it is not afraid to make fun of itself and everything that’s come before it. Fortunately, this light-hearted theme translates to the gameplay as well. There are 6 maps and 3 classes to choose from. The classes are what you would usually expect from a fantasy game, warriors, clerics, and mages. You can customize quite a lot about each of your three class characters from their looks to the thousands of items and equipment you will receive for doing well in battles. Oh and even the loot has humor with it as well, I currently have my cleric equiped with a “fancy pig shield”. Talk about cool!

The fights themselves are fast-paced with 15 on 15 online battles. And yes, that is not a typo. This arcade fantasy game really does have up to 30 little cartoon soldiers fighting each other to the death. The layout of each map is based on the premise that each side has a castle and your job is to destroy the other team’s tower in the middle of their castle before they destroy yours. Simple enough, but there is much more depth to a battle than that. Spread out in between the two castles are neutral towers that can be built (or destroyed) to allow your team to respawn closer to the enemy. You can even outfit your castle and some towers with ballistas and bombs that you control for defense. Levelling might be a little bit different than what you are used to but you will get it pretty fast. You have an overall level or rank that determines how much equipment your characters can have at one time, but at the start of every battle your character starts at level 1. Through kills, assists, healing, building, and other actions, you will receive XP that will level you up to a maximum of 5. With each level, you will get more health, mana, and abilities. Speaking of abilities, each class has a unique special “group” ability that you can use. Basically, one person starts the ability and other teammates join in to enhance and empower the strength of the attack. They vary from a gigantic, sweeping tornado to an ability called Happy Miracle, which turns the other team into flowers! There is even a little command/talk wheel where you can choose certain responses to say and should you win, the other losing team will be tied to posts in their own castle and you are free to mock and taunt them for a little while.

Someone used a little too much Miracle-Gro.

Overall, Happy Wars is looking to be a well-rounded game that even has 15 player co-op as well! Its humorous, exhilarating style will keep you playing for months and months once it comes out later this fall. Best of all, it’s free! Now if you will excuse me, my teammates need healing so I’ll catch you later!

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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