Halo 4’s New Launch Trailer Made Entirely From In-Game Footage

343 Industries and Microsoft Studios has released a new Halo 4 launch trailer via Halo Waypoint that is completely made up of in-game footage, giving gamers an impressive glimpse into the start of the new expansive saga.

The trailer itself gives a brief story synopsis of Halo 4′s plot, keeping things light without any spoilers or reveals. This new gameplay launch trailer compliments the previously released Scanned trailer quite nicely, providing actual footage of the game whereas the former focused more on Master Chief’s origins and current struggles.

The newly released trailer chronicles Master Chief’s journey, and begins with him landing on a mysterious Forerunner planet known as Requiem. By discovering the bizarre tech-world, he inadvertently awakens an intergalactic menace that has been sleeping for eons.

Halo 4 releases on Nov. 6, 2012 exclusively for the Xbox 360 console. For more information please visit Halo Waypoint’s official website.




Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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