Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn and what it means for the industry

Microsoft has certainly not been shy in their marketing strategy for its latest installment of the juggernaut franchise, Halo 4. For about the last six months there has been a steady stream of media surrounding the game, from video documentaries on how the game was made, to kick ass CGI trailers. Without a doubt though the most significant part of Microsoft’s marketing is the live action series, Forward unto Dawn.

As many of you probably know by now Forward unto Dawn is a live action web series based in the Halo universe. It is split into five episodes that are released on a weekly basis, and is centered around a group of cadets training to become soldiers when the covenant invades for the first time and changes humanity forever.  The series was produced with an extremely tight budget of $10 million and to its credit, this does not hinder the quality of it at all, as it shows some very like-able and believable characters, in a relatively simple storyline based on survival.

Now, I believe this is very significant, not only for fans of the series, but for the industry itself. As we all know many movies based on video games have fallen far short of their intended mark in the past and most never make it to the big screen at all, we’re looking at you Halo! The fact that Forward unto Dawn not only provides good, intense action, but also gives us an interesting storyline should hopefully pave the way for other video game series to get the recognition they deserve. There are countless video game franchises that are getting closer to starting production on a movie and I for one find it very exciting especially with the show of quality we’ve had from Forward unto Dawn in these recent weeks.

Witnessing the impressive sales figures that these AAA titles continue to produce it all seems like a bit of a no-brainer. The chances are that most fans of the series’ will go see the film and if companies like Microsoft and Sony take the time and give the project the resources it needs to realize its potential then it will likely create a buzz with non-gamers as well. This is an awesome way to generate even better brand recognition and it goes without saying that the game’s themselves will receive a significant sales boost.

So what’s stopping these companies from going ahead with these projects, is it the costs, do they think nobody will go see it, or are they just too wary of the implications if the project, like many before it, falls flat in its face. Whatever the reason, I hope that other companies are taking note of what Microsoft has done with Forward unto Dawn, and begin to follow in its footsteps!

The finale of Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn will be released next Friday and it looks set to be an explosive ending, not to be missed. Forward unto dawn can be found on Halo Waypoint along with the Machinima Prime Youtube channel.














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