GTA V Release Date May Have Been Leaked by Amazon France

Though, officially, GTA V has only been given the vague time frame for release of Q2 2013, the actual release date may have been inadvertently leaked by the game’s listing on Amazon France. The listing, for those of you who are a little rusty when it comes to fluency in the language of love, states that the game is expected to be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on June 19th 2013. It is unclear whether this signals the date for the worldwide launch or just for Europe, but, for reference, GTA IV launched on the same day for North America and Europe, so this date may be one and the same.

Obviously this potential release date should be taken with a grain of salt as it isn’t officially confirmed, but there are several factors which lend a little credence to its possible validity. Firstly, the date is awfully specific, and definitely feasible seeing as it does of course fit into the Q2 2013 release schedule which has already been announced. On top of this, June 19th conveniently falls on a Tuesday which is traditionally the day that big game releases happen to land on. Also, the fact that this potentially accidental reveal was posted on a big website like Amazon certainly suggests that there is some truth to it – it may be that Rockstar confirmed this date with Amazon behind the scenes and someone got a little careless on the French site and posted it.

The only thing that is for sure is that all eyes are going to fall on Rockstar now, to see how (or even whether) they will react to this potential leak. Will they choose to officially confirm or deny it, or will they simply ignore the situation and leave fans guessing?

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