Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes Guide

Anyone that has played the original Starcraft or Broodwars remembers “there is no cow level” and “Food for thought” these where pretty well known cheat codes within the game that granted you unlimited powers, instant victory etc.. when playing in single user mode.  Well the same thing now applies in Starcraft 2 single user mode but now with even more learning options.   So why do I want to call them learning options instead of cheats?  there are a lot of reasons why you would want to use some of these codes such as the ability to learn all the builds, make it easier to learn build orders without getting your ass kicked in a comp rush etc..  because lets be serious its really not that much fun fighting the computer anyhow if you have unlimited powers.. there really isn’t a point.

With the new Starcraft 2 “Cheats” they have seperated them out into two categories, one for campaign only and the ohter is for anywhere in the sinlge user mode play.  The only caveat to using any of these cheat codes is the inability to earn achievements in the normal game.


Starcraft 2 Cheats
Cheat code Cheat Code Effect
terribleterribledamage Enables God Mode – nothing can kill you, you can literally kill a whole enemy army with a single unit if your willing to wait that long
moredotsmoredots Lets you build everything for free, units, buildings etc… you don’t need any money or collectors for this but you will need them to build things.
sosayweall Gets rid of the build order requirements (lets you build anything anytime doesn’t need a build order)
basestarsprimative Builds things super fast
mitmansoperator Disables the supply limit – no need for Overlords, Pylons or Supply Depots to build an army.
smoldersbolds Get +5,000 Vespene Gas and Minerals
stroaksmolts Get +5,000 Minerals
realmendrilldeep Get +5,000 Vespene Gas
sawnoutofmemory Lets you see the entire map
IAmIronman +1 to all research levels, every unit is upgraded
fsbcommunication Healing abilities work faster
cmethodfeedback Win and end the current game
cadeeasygoin Lose current game
tyuhasleftthegame No victory conditions the game just keeps goin on forever even if you kill everyone.. I don’t get it ..
eyeofsauron View any cutscene in the game.
furabranchery Get the news at the base between missions
jaynestown It just says, “Resources Granted” not really sure what else it does
Starcraft 2 Campaign Cheats
Cheat code Cheat Code Effect
whysoserious + 5,000 credits. Use this if you want to get upgrades from the armory or hire mercenaries.
wapboinkers Unlimited Research – If you don’t want to deal with all the secondary mission objectives
qrotero Freezes or resumes the time of day clock.
ypoonsvoicemail Disables defeat conditions. If your going to lose this one is good.


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