G4 Undergoing A Change

Variety has announced that gamer/tech themed TV station G4 is getting a makeover in 2013. The makeover is supposedly a “modern male” theme, meaning it will appeal to the audience of GQ magazine and whose “interests span beyond the bachelor pad”. This rebranding could even warrant a complete name change. (i.e. GQ4 perhaps?)

It is uncertain how different the channel will be after this change; if it’s going to pull a Spike TV and be a completely different entity, or still remain somewhat the same. G4 claims that it will still stay true to its roots but just be more “sophisticated”.

So maybe that means one hour it will show Attack of the Show and the next it will show Male Models 101, or something like that.

G4 was first launched in 2002 with the intent of being similar to TechTV but focused on a more MTV style of audience. In 2004 TechTV and G4 merged. As the years progressed, G4 underwent some changes to their format to accommodate a larger audience; by showing shows such as Cops and Star Trek, and less video game/tech related programs.

It seems that, now, G4 is again opening up its preverbal arms to  gain an even larger viewer audience with this rebranding and possible name change. Only time will tell if it will actually go though, but if it does, will there ever be another video game-centric TV channel?

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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