Fuse Made More Colorful by Insomniac After Fan Backlash

In a recent interview with Venturebeat, Insomniac Games President and CEO Ted Price provided some insight into the developer’s decision to implement more vibrant color into their upcoming game Fuse, which many gamers described as generic and visually uninteresting following the game’s recent trailer. Fuse has also earned fans’ ire as it is a reworked and rebranded version of the previously announced title Overstrike, which gamers seemed to respond far more positively to.

Price stated the following when asked about the reasoning behind releasing a multi-platform new intellectual property:

Now, ironically, Fuse has changed less than any other IP that we’ve built. But this has been a much more public change. I know a lot of people have had fairly strong reactions. It’s interesting, too — since we released a trailer two months ago, we’ve made major changes to the look of the game. We’ve added a lot more color. That’s been in response to fan feedback from this first new trailer that we released. I think when people see it again, they’re going to be surprised at how much it’s morphed one more time. But that’s the development process. That’s what we enjoy. That’s how we get to a final product that we’re truly proud of.

Clearly, the underwhelming reaction from gamers inspired the respected Resistance series developer to quickly revise the game’s bland presentation, but only time will tell whether gamers have already written the project off in their minds or whether they’re willing to give the game a second chance following this injection of color.

Fuse is currently slated to release in March 2013.

Source: Venturebeat

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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