A Further Look Into Mass Effect 3 Wii U- The Problems With Genesis Comic

Back a couple weeks ago I did a review on Mass Effect 3 Wii U. I gave it a 9.5 out of 10 and I’m still sticking with that. However the more and more I play Mass Effect 3, the more and more there are flaws that need to be fixed. It has NOTHING to do with graphics, framerate, or actual gameplay. This has everything to do with the Genesis Comic and it’s got some serious problems.

When I wrote my review, I had completed the game on Wii U. Trust me, I’ve played Mass Effect 3 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC numerous times and I know the ins and outs of the franchise. The Wii U presented the possibility of being the signature version of Mass Effect 3. The GamePad added that extra element to Mass Effect 3 that could put it over the top. A touchscreen that shows you the map of the area, where enemies are, and allows you to use powers without pausing the screen. The Wii U showed very early promise of being the TRUE masterpiece. The only thing that ruins it from being a true masterpiece, the stupid Genesis Comic. It’s suppose to be the 2nd version of the comic, adding in the possibilities of choosing events in Mass Effect 2.

This new Genesis Comic failed and it failed completely.

I played through Mass Effect 3 Wii U and found out the Genesis Comic screwed up way too many things. The first thing I really hated about this new Genesis comic was the lack of choices you got for Mass Effect 2. Unlike making choices in Mass Effect, which takes up to 25 minutes in the Comic, choices for Mass Effect 2 take 5 minutes.

I think there was about 8 things to choose from for Mass Effect 2 and I hated it. One of the choices you get to make is a decision regarding your squadmates. Do you want to spend time to get every single person or do you want to rush and only get a few of them? Basically it’s asking you if you want to have everyone or just 3 people? It’s not very smart at all. The next decision has to do with their loyalty. Do you want to spend time getting everyone’s loyalty or do you risk the squadmates dying so you can save your crew? This annoyed me because in the actual Mass Effect 2 game, I had the option to do both without risking anyone. The fact that you don’t get to do this annoys me. The worst part is, let’s say you actually decide to go after your crew without getting everyone’s loyalty. You get to save your crew BUT everyone but Garrus, Mordin, Jacob and Miranda die.

The romance options failed too. In the actual Mass Effect 2 game, you could purse a relationship (if Male Sheperd) with Kelly, Miranda, Jack, Tali, or stay loyal to either Liara or Ashley. In the Genesis Comic for Wii U, you only get to choose between Miranda or Tali. That’s it, no one else. You don’t get any other option but those two. Here’s the catch, if you choose to get everyone in your squad and get them all loyal, you only get one romance option. I really didn’t understand that at all. The Genesis Comic literally takes options away from you.

There’s also the problem with the choices the Comic DOESNT have in it. Decisions you make in loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2 have large consequences in Mass Effect 3. For instance, on Mordin’s loyalty mission you have the option to save or destroy the Krogan Genophage data. You can choose to save it for later or just destroy it on the spot. Another example is on Legion’s loyalty mission. You have the option of rewriting the Heretics or destroying them. In the Genesis Comic on Wii U, you don’t get to choose either of them. Your character automatically destroyed both of them. What does that mean for Mass Effect 3? It means Eve, the female Krogan, will die trying to cure the Genophage, Wrex (if you choose to save him) won’t trust you for most of the game, and the Geth and Quarians can NEVER have peace. You have to choose between the two. What also doesn’t make sense is that Miranda dies no matter what you do. If you romanced her or not, she is going to die on Horizon. There is NO WAY to change that, regardless of the choices you make.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U is a great game and even with the flaws of the Genesis Comic, it is still amazing. The problems will the Genesis Comic are fairly easy to fix and could be done in a future patch. I don’t know if they will fix it but it’s not too much to ask changed. The game is still amazing and I would tell anyone who got a Wii U to get the game. Just be sure to know that the Genesis Comic isn’t gonna work the way your hoping, or they said, it would.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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