Final Fantasy VII 15th Anniversary

Happy birthday Cloud! Well, North American Cloud that is. Because this very day, 15 years ago, Squaresoft (who you now know as Square Enix) released not only one of the greatest RPG’s of all time, but one of the greatest games EVER made in North America. If you haven’t played this game, then stop reading this right now and go download it on your PSP, PS Vita, PS3, or PC. If you don’t have any of those platforms, then I suggest you go hit up eBay and get you a working PS One along with this oh so wonderful game. Now that they’ve left, I don’t have to worry about mentioning spoilers.

I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t play Final Fantasy VII until last year. To be more specific, I completed it on Christmas Eve. My version of spending time with my family on that holiday evening was everyone gathering around as I attempted to beat old Sephiroth for the first time ever. I can tell you right now that this game beat out almost every single other game I had ever played. That says a lot considering the fact that at that time it was more than 14 years old! I put off schoolwork, work, social gatherings, etc just to get a few more minutes spent immersing myself in the lives of these characters.

So, I would like you to know what is my favorite memory from FFVII. Now I’ve heard this exact situation can vary depending on your choices but the way I experienced it, came to be my most favorite moment in the entire game. I am talking about the “date night” at the Golden Saucer. Specifically, Cloud and Aerith’s date. From the start of the game where Cloud ran into Aerith in Midgar, I had been hopeful for the two of them to finally hook up and share their feelings for each other so for me this was what I had been waiting for. I eagerly soaked every second that they spent riding rides and running around the fantastic amusement park. The giddy fun all culminated in the “play” scene where Cloud and Aerith are chosen to perform in a play, where ironically Cloud is the hero going to save Aerith from an evil villain. Sound familiar? Yeah, unfortunately the real story doesn’t have such a happy ending as you know. However, this was enough to sustain me until Advent Children when Cloud finally got true closure and acceptance.

But I’m sure not everyone feels this is their favorite FFVII memory so whether it be Sephiroth’s death, Cloud regaining his memory, Zach’s death, Aerith’s death, the ending, the provocative and strange Honeybee Manor section, or something else entirely comment below and let us know what your favorite memory is or why you love FFVII or honestly anything else FF-related! Oh and by the way, it is okay to speak out for Square Enix to finally announce the Final Fantasy VII remake because honestly, I’m hoping and praying to Aerith in the Lifestream for it also.

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  1. Can you get the actual FFVII on PSP, or just the Crisis Core game? As far as I can tell, only Crisis Core is officially released, but is there a hack version or something?

  2. I actually played FFVII and Crisis Core both on my PSP. You can buy PSOne games for the PSP including FF 7,8, and 9. Just go to the Playstation Store. And if youve already bought any of those games on your PS3 you can get them on your PSP for free as long as youre logged into the same account you bought them with!

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