EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter Bombs & Gets Low Review Scores

EA’s newest action-packed multiplatform military shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter hasn’t been met with a warm welcome, and has received many low review scores across the gaming sphere. Sites like IGN (4/10), Kotaku (Should you play this game?: NO) and Destructoid (5/10) have given the ill-fated release quite low ratings with quotes such as:

“Charmless, cynical, and uninspired, Warfighter encapsulates everything wrong with the annual big budget shooter industry. It’s really not an awful game, it’s just insipid and shallow, a title that exists solely to exist, and squeeze whatever profit remains to be had from serving the same flavorless porridge to the same unadventurous customers.” Jim Sterling, Destructoid Review

Medal of Honor Warfighter is slipshod, uninspired, unpolished, and unfun.“– Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku Review



“Medal of Honor Warfighter feels old, disrespects the player, and misses the mark in the campaign and  online.” — Mitch Dyer, IGN Review

The most common complaints on the game include that the graphics feel dated and the actual game mechanics are too close to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, making EA’s newest release seem like just another faceless military shooter. Warfighter has also received low-ish average Metacritic scores for each platform: 48 out of 100 for Xbox 360, 63 out of 100 for PC, and 56 out of 100 for PlayStation 3.

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  1. They probably knew it was going to suck some ass.. but they probably should have done a better job controlling the PR around the game and send out reviews to known “MOF Groupies” only, probably the ones that where going to buy it have now changed their minds after reading the bad reviews. I guess that’s why they released it before November so they wouldn’t get totally screwed by the release of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2? 😉

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