Dishonored Trophies and Achievements guide Part 1

Released just a couple week ago, the first person game Dishonored is definitely one of a kind: it’s more akin to an action-adventure game rather than a first person shooter since players can freely choose how to overcome each and every obstacle. You can read more on our review of the game.

The Trophies and Achivements for Dishonored are not too hard to obtain: you can get quite a few without even trying while others require a bit more of attention, with a couple that can be easily missed. Obviously there’s gonna be some spoilers in this guide so read at your own risk if you haven’t completed the game yet. In the first part of the guide will tackle all story related trophies – achievements, the endings and secondary objective ones.

Story related Trophies – Achievements

  • Dishonored
  • Excommunication
  • Child Care
  • Capturing Genius and Madness
  • Regicide
  • Political Suicide
  • This is Mine
  • Resolution

You’ll get these trophies/achievements by just playing through the game at any difficulty level.

Ending related Trophies – Achievements

  • Dunwall in Chaos
  • Just Dark Enough

These two trophies need to be unlocked in two different playthroughs: they’re for completing the game in High Chaos or Low Chaos. To reach High Chaos you have to kill as many as you can, to reach low chaos you have to kill as little as possibile. You’ll understand if you’re in either state during the ninth mission: it’s going to take place in daylight if you’re in low chaos, nightime with rain and thunders if you’re in high chaos. After watching the ending the corresponding trophy – achievements will unlock.

Specific objectives Trophies – Achievements

You’ll get these trophies by accomplishing secondary tasks in some mission which I’ll detail under the trophy – achievement name.

  • Bodyguard

You’ll get this trophy by protecting Callista’s at Hound Pit’s Pub, There are a few ways to do it: crashing the conversation, knocking Geoff off and hide him in a dumpster or follow Geoff and the High Overseer and save Geaoff before the High Overseer stabs him.

  • Mercy is the mark

You need to spare Daud’s life: he’s the assassin who killed the empress and the man who’ll throw away all your stuff on mission 7.
You’ll have to get his key to escape so you can’t miss him. Simply don’t kill him during the key’s retrieval.

  • Long live the Empress

This can be earned on mission 9 and the method to obtain it will vary if you are in high or low chaos. In low chaos it is unmissable since the objective is to save the empress and she’s locked in a room; in high chaos things will be a bit more complicated: near the lighthouse you’ll find and enemy holding the empress near an edge and if you move forward or waste too much time the empress will fall and die. Simply kill the enemy before he can do so: I did it by using time bending.

  • Gentleman Caller

To get this trophy you’ll have to complete the missions given to you by Grannt Rags during mission 2. High Overseer Campbell will tell you about her so it’s really hard to miss her.

  • Street Conspiracy

You have to complete all Slackjaw’s side missions during mission 3 for this trophy. He’s close to where Granny Rags was in mission 2 so he’s hard to miss as well.

In the next part we’ll tackle more trophies-achievements, including the hardest to get like the steal oriented ones.



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