Dishonored Trophies and Achievements guide Part 2

In the first part of the guide we took on the most straight forward challenges of Dishonored. Now it’s time to earn some more trophies-achievements and the ones covered here are definitely trickier to get. Let’s get down to business, folks!

Collectibles related

  • Occultist

To obtain this trophy-achievement you need to collect 10 bone charms. To get one you must first equip the heart to know if there are any charms in the area: once located, just go and pick it up. You don’t have to get all 10 on a single mission since there can’t 10 charms in a single mission. If you already have completed a game, just replay any mission and get any bone charm available. Once you get the tenth, you’ll get the trophy-achievement

  • Art Dealer

Things are getting trickier now: you have to collect all 11 Sokolov paintings in the game in a single playthrough so if you completed the game, you have to start again. The good news is that being only eleven, the paintings aren’t scattered on every mission.

Here are the locations of the Sokolov paintings:

  1. Mission 2, one painting in the High Overseer’s secret room.
  2. Mission 3, three paintings in the art’s dealer apartment. You can only obtain them after completing the Slackjaw side missions because you need the safe’s combination.
  3. Mission 4, one painting in the apartment below Sokolo’v study.
  4. Mission 5, one painting is in the place where you discover Lady Boyle’s identity, another one is at the top floor surrounded by other pieces of art.
  5. Mission 6, one painting in the Lord Regent’s room near the fireplace. First you have to identify it then go through and turn around.
  6. Mission 7, one painting is in an abandoned building with a single sweep, another one is near the exit of assassin’s HQ and the third one can be found if you have completed the Slackjaw’s and Granny Rag’s side missions.

Stealth related

  • Thief

To get this you need to pickpocket a total of 200 coins. To pickpocket an enemy get behind him and press the square button on the Ps3 version and the X button on the Xbox 360 version. The fastest way to get this trophy-achievement is during the first mission. Pickpocket as many guards as you can and you’ll get it.

  • Shadow
  • Ghost

You can get these two together: Shadow is for completing all missions without alerting anyone, Ghost is for completing all missions without alerting and killing anyone, except for key targets. To make things harder you have to do this in a single playthrough! When I say alerting anyone, I’m referring to guards, weepers, assassins, thugs and dogs: you know if an enemy has been alerted when the three exclamation points over his head have turned red. This is one of the hardest trophies of the game, so you better be armed with a LOT of patience!

  • Faceless
  • Specter

These two can ge obtained together as well: Faceless is for completing a single mission without alarming enemies, Specter is for completing a mission without alarming anyone and killing less than 5 enemies. I got both after the second mission, just remember to be always extra cautious.

  • Rogue

Simply kill 10 unaware enemies: enter sneak mode, get behind and terminate them. Pretty easy huh?

  • Surgical
  • Clean Hands

These can be obtained together since Surgical involves killing less than 10 enemies from the beginning of the game through mission 4 and Clean Hands involves completing the full game without any kill in a single playthrough! It’s Dishonored’s hardest trophy-achievement and there’s no real strategy: my advice is to save often, get as many sleep darts as you can and power up the dark vision ability as soon as you can.

  • Vanished

You need to escape the sewers undetected in the first mission of the game. This can be annoying without having access to supernatural abilities. Just make sure to be extra cautious and you’ll do it with patience.

  • Well Mannered

You have to complete the Boyle estate mission without alerting the guards and killing the key target. You can do it easily by killing silently the 3 sisters, since the target is different every playthrough

  • Food Chain

This one is pretty straight forward too: show those assassins who’s the real boss! Killing one of them silently will do the trick.

  • Poetic Justice

In the last stealth related trophy-achievement you have to neutralize the 4 key targets of the game with non lethal means. You can find out how to do it by listening to conversation or on notes during the mission.

Coming up on the last part of the guide are the rest of the trophies-achievements for Dishonored and luckly, getting them is not gonna be as hard as the ones described here!



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