How to get rid of Galil campers in Black Ops

These days, you can see a lot more players using the galil in CoD: Black Ops. It’s annoying, overused, and mostly used for camping. Let’s see some stats about it, straight from the wikia.

The Galil is unlocked for purchase at level 20 for CoDPoints.svg2000. The Galil is capable of killing in 3-4 body shots (or 2-3 headshots), with a moderate rate of fire. The weapon has low recoil and a high default magazine capacity, at 35 rounds, 50 with Extended Mags. However, the Galil also has the longest reload time of its class (can be solved using sleight of hand). Damage 40-30 (MP).

The average class using the Galil:
Galil + Silencer
Python + Dual Wield

Motion Sensor/Claymore

Ghost Pro
Sleight of hand Pro
Marathon Pro

So with the galil, they can kill with 3 shots, at all ranges, mattered by only a little recoil.  No wonder It’s overused. The Ghost will prevent them from you to find where they camp using the spy plane, the claymore will get them an extra kill or they can just camp using the motion sensor so no surprise will await them.

There are some players who are not playing to get as much as kills as possible by any means (try hard), they only play for fun, or to chill out after a bad day. They get annoyed. And you’re probably one of them and I’m here to tell you what to do against these noobies.

Anti-camper class. I recommend getting the AUG, due It’s high fire rate and accuracy. Just put up a grenade launcher and BAM! Camp is gone. You can breach them easily, but you better use Sleight of hand if you run out of ammo. The blast shield perk is the best thing against claymores. Except for Hardcore, you’ll always survive the claymore. Hacker is also handy, because you can see their claymores, motions sensors or any other equipment trough the wall like a wallhack. If you prefer using scavenger, lightweight or hardline, the hacker perk is necessary. Make it to Hacker Pro, and you can troll them by stealing their equipment when they’re not looking! Get some C4 too. For maps like Summit, it always gets me an extra boost if I’m out of frags.

The anti-camper class I use:
AUG + Dual mags


Hardline (Pro not necessary)
Sleight of hand Pro
Hacker Pro

Camper spots. They usually stay in the corner or hide behind obstacles so you can barely see them. Sometimes they hide in bushes, when they use Ghost. All I can say is “CHECK YOUR CORNERS!”. If you spot one in the corner, jump as fast as you can and take him out quickly. Or just toss a grenade, safety first.
And what to do against obstacles? If you’re feeling lucky and you don’t think you need Sleight of hand, just put in the Hardened perk, so you can shoot right trough the obstacle and kill him. Go there and teabag him, have some revenge!
The only thing against those filthy grass-bush campers is the IR scope. I have never seen a single IR scope in multiplayer yet. They will not expect you.

Get some revenge! If you’re on console (I don’t think you can join recent players on the PC), just find them in the recent players list, and try to get in the same team with them. If you’re an enemy with him, destroy him, if you’re a teammate, troll him. The best way to troll them is just to disturb them. Since Core has no friendly fire, and they cannot even shoot when looking at teammates, you can have a good chance to annoy them. If they’re corner camping, just trap them in the corner and shoot around with a non-silenced gun so the enemies will know about his location. If they’re not corner camping, but they’re behind an obstacle or laying on the ground, just go there, stand between his aim, teabag him, block him, and shoot around. In hardcore, you should try shooting their equipment, they get really mad when their claymore is gone. And if they kill you due the friendly fire, they will have less time to play, because the respawn time will increase each time you kill a teammate. If you’re close to him, and know his killstreaks, try to count them, and once he’s about to reach the chopper gunner or something, just teamkill him then laugh. Sweet, sweet revenge isn’t it?

Now get going!


-Greg Butcher

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