Dead Island Riptide Trailer

The much anticipated sequel to 2011s open-world zombie game Dead Island, released its first trailer today.











The trailer for Dead Island Riptide has the same tone and vision the original trailer for Dead Island did. The feeling of fear, hopelessness, and death is all conveyed as we watch a couple cornered by a large group of zombies in which they sacrifice themselves saving them from the horrible fate of being eaten alive.

The original Dead Island came out at the end of last year and was met with mixed reviews. Some people enjoyed the large open world and long hours of zombie killing fun, others criticized the bugs and glitches that were found.

I, personally, enjoyed the game. The rush of killing zombies and exploring a large expansive island was a lot of fun. However, it felt very repetitive and froze on me a few times. Here’s hoping the sequel, due out next year, will improve upon a already working, but not yet perfected, formula of pure zombie killing fun.

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