Curiosity Goes Live

Peter Molyneux’s latest addition to gaming has finally been released. Curiosity is now available on the iOS App Store, and promises to be full of mysteries to be solved.

For those of you who have not heard, the principal behind Curiosity is fairly simple, but promises a lot. The game opens with a simple phrase: “are you curious?” Once you make it through a few equally as cryptic screens, you’ll get to the heart of the game. A many-layered cube is before you, and as the game tells you, “only one person will find out what’s inside”.

You’ll be able to slowly chip away at the cube, removing cubes from the layer you are currently on. Removing a cube  will earn you coins, which can be used to view stats and buy upgrades, including better tools to remove blocks faster or more efficiently. Justin Davis of IGN has perhaps best described this app: “The app is both absurdly simple and wildly complex.”

Until we know what the center of the cube holds, I’m sure human Curiosity will make this app wildly successful.

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