Confirmed Wii U games with Off-TV play

One of the most interesting features of the new Wii U console is the ability to play the game on the GamePad’s screen, away from TV: how this is achieved is up to each developer. In some cases there’s an option on the pause screen, in others you need to press the TV button on the Gamepad.

The feature is available at system level but developers need to implement the option themselves to have it work. Obviously for games that require two screens the option could be unavailable: in the end it’s up to each developer to optimize their games for this feature.

Now that the Wii U console is almost upon us, we finally have some more details on games that can be played on the Gamepad’s screen.
All Wii software including WiiWare and Virtual Console games is incompatible with the feature.
Here’s the list of all confirmed compatible games:

  1. New Super Mario Bros. U
  2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  3. Dragon Quest X
  4. Assassins Creed III
  5. Darksiders II
  6. Mass Effect 3
  7. Epic Mickey 2
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  9. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
  10. Scribblenauts Unlimited
  11. Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
  12. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
  13. Rabbids Land
  14. Skylanders Giants
  15. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  16. Wii Fit U
  17. Madden 13
  18. FIFA 13
  19. Rayman Legends
  20. Toki Tori 2
  21. Nano Assault Neo
  22. Trine 2 Director’s Cut
  23. Puddle
  24. Built in system apps

Quite a good list so far: more confirmed details will be available as we approach the console release date, coming November 18.


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