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That’s right, come play games with your favorite writers here at Gamer Syndrome! With the holiday season here and many people having some free time on their hands, our team thought it’d be great to play some of the biggest games with you, our readers, for a good ole time! We love games (duh!), we know you do too, and that’s why it makes perfect sense for us to come together!

Here’s a full list of our staff and their Gamertag/PSN ID:

Anthony Fulton– GS Writer, GT is get her doone, Game Center (iOS) is afulton2010, lives in UK, will be playing iOS games, GTA IV, COD MW3, and Black Ops II (soon).

Dallas McGraw– GS Writer, GT is Gamingmaiden, lives in US CST, will be playing Halo 4 and Gears of War 3.

Dan Chamberlain– GS Writer, GT is A Million Blue, lives in UK, will be playing BF3, Halo 4, and Street Fighter.

Derek Strickland– GS Writer, GT is Deeke, lives in United States EST, will be playing Halo 4 and ACIII.

Jesse Taylor– GS Editor, GT is ShadowJes, PSN is ashtaylo, lives in United States EST, will be playing Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and for PS3, Mass Effect 3 (by the way, Jes likes to plays ME3 a lot).

Michael Robins– GS Writer, GT is Abigjobby, lives in UK GMT, will be playing Halo 4.

Norbert Daniels– GS Writer, PSN is NorbertJR, lives in US EST, will be playing Tekken 6 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD.

Victor Vellon– GS Writer, GT is MidniteBlaze69, lives in US EST, will be playing Halo 4 and COD BlOPS II.

Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yeah, myself!

Cody Perez– GS Press Admin, GT is Soulcap, lives in US CST, will be playing Halo 4, ME3, Gears of War 1, 2, or 3 (preferably 2), and Minecraft. I actually have a Forge version of the Halo 4 map, Relay, in the works that would be sweet to play some custom games on. I <3 Flood. Also, I am not against co-op play as well like getting the achievements with you in Spartan Ops or even powering through the campaign on Legendary.

For info on exact times each of us will be playing games and just to let us know you wanna play with us, send us a message or friend request. By the way, my own personal friends list is currently full so send me a message if you want to play. We will cycle through all the people that wanna play and depending on how much of an overload we have we will decide how much time we’ll get to play with each group. If this works well enough, expect us to do this again in the future with some future games like a little game called GTA V.

Hope to hear back from you soon and have some fun playing together!

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