Clan of Champions to hit PSN November 20th

A new Nippon Ichi game is going to be released on PSN: today NIS America announced that Clan Of Champions will be available in North America on Playstation Network on November 20. The European version will come at a later date.

Clan of Champions is a hardcore multiplayer action game with a medieval fantasy setting developed by Acquire, developers of the successful ninja themed stealth series Tenchu. Players will be able to choose from three different races (human,elf or orc) and tackle a number of combat based missions, each with its different objectives and lenght. Players can venture into the world of Clan Of Champions by themselves or join in a 3 players cooperative mode; and, if you’re more of a belligerent type, you can fight other players in a three versus three battle mode.
Players will be able to customize their characters to their likings, both stats wise and appearance wise with a variety of items. Also, with the Weapon Mastery System, players will be able to unlock more skills for their characters by using their preferred weapons: by combining weapon skills with magical skills players will be able shape their fighting style to their likings.

Get ready to enter the arena of Clan Of Champions! Alliances will be forged and broken and virtual lives will be lost all for one goal: to become the true Champion.

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