Check Out This Resident Evil/Skyfall Mash-up Trailer

Check Out This Resident Evil/Skyfall Mash-up Trailer

Leon Kennedy is James Bond in this hilarious and awesome mash-up trailer “Resident Skyfall” by YouTube user Node, who have made many similar video game and movie mash-ups before. RE6‘s Leon has lost some of that laid-back wit he had back in RE4, so perhaps it is indeed time he claimed the charm of everyone’s favourite British spy.

Even if you weren’t a fan of Capcom’s latest action-horror instalment, this is well worth a look. Not only have the characters been synced up with the voices from the Skyfall trailer, the footage from RE6 has been used to recreate that trailer. Its recommended you watch the official Skyfall trailer first, then the Resident Skyfall trailer – or better yet, both at once, side-by-side.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

To any fans that were disappointed with RE6, this is how Capcom should improve it.

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