Capcom: Wii U will allow for a unique Resident Evil game

The Nintendo Wii U might have missed on Resident Evil 6, but that doesn’t mean it will miss out on Resident Evil completely. In an interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine, Resident Evil Revelations Koshi Nakanishi stated that the Wii U’s unique controller might allow for an equally unique and fun Resident Evil title.

The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas. There are lots of things I’d like to try out on it.”

“The GamePad’s separate screen enables so many possibilities, and playing on a television screen would enable sharing the experience in a way that wasn’t possible on Nintendo 3DS,” he continued. “I feel it would let us create a very unique and fun Resident Evil game.”

The interesting thing is that the portable Resident Evil: Revelations received a much warmer reception from both critics and fans than its big screen counterpart. Revelations holds a 82 at Metacritic compared to Resident Evil 6’s 67. The game also sold very well, topping the Nintendo 3DS charts across the globe. All evidence points to a quality Resident Evil title coming to the Wii U at some point, so if you’re a big fan you might want to grab one.

The Nintendo Wii U is coming out on November 18 in North America, November 30 in Europe and Australia and December 8 in Japan. The Wii U will retail at $300 for the base package and $350 for the premium which comes with a 32 GB of storage.

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