Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks Guide

In the previous Call Of Duty games players were allowed to earn three rewards of choice after killing a certain number of enemies or by earning points. In Black Ops2 2 the Killstreaks are replaced by Scorestreaks with the rewards given only through the score earned in a single life. Many actions performed during multiplayer will make you earn points: Kills, captures, assists, taking down air support and completing objectives. Players may also receive the same scorestreak more than once in the same life if they so desire on the condition that the same Scorestreak has already been used.
Unlike previous games, dying doesn’t make an used Scorestreak disappear and you may still earn points from a previously activated streak, the only thing you’ll loose are the score and any unused Scorestreak.

  • UAV – 350 points

Shows enemies on the radar for 30 seconds as red dots. It can be destroyed by enemy fire.

  • RC-XD – 450 points

A remote controlled small car full of explosives that can be destroyed by enemies. The RC-XD can be detonated at will.

  • Hunter Killer – 525 points

A flying drone set to destroy the nearest enemy or vehicle

  • Care Package – 550 points

The Package gives a random Scorestreak. Can be hacked by enemies.

  • Counter-UAV – 600 points

Disables enemy radar for 30 seconds. It can be shot down by enemy fire.

  • Guardian – 650 points

This Scorestreak projects a microwave field stunning enemies, slowing them down and making their vision blurry as well.

  • Hellstorm Missile – 700 points

A remotely controlled missile that can also be scattered into a cluster bomb at will

  • Lightning Strike – 750 points

With this Scorestreak you’ll be able to choose three areas on the map to perform a coordinated strike

  • Sentry Gun – 800 points

Once deployed, the sentry gun will attack enemies. It’s remotely-controlled too.

  • Death Machine – 850 points

A powerful minigun that can take out enemies with a couple of hits. If killed while you still have ammo left, you can reactivate the Scorestreak after respawning

  • War Machine – 900 points

Just like the Death Machine but with a Grenade Launcher holding 6 grenades.

  • Dragonfire – 975 points

A remotely controlled quadrotor drone with a light machine gun equipped. Can be destroyed by enemies.

  • AGR – 1000 points

The AGR is a heavily armored robot armed with a michine gun and rocket launcher. Can be remotely controlled.

  • Stealth Chopper – 1100 points

The chopper circles around the map to hunt enemies, invisible to their radars.

  • Orbital VSAT – 1200 points

Shows the enemies on radar in real time and can’t be shot down.

  • Escort Drone – 1250 points

This drone follows you around, shooting any enemy you may encounter.

  • EMP Systems – 1300 points

Temporarily disables enemy electronics (No HUD and no scorestreaks can be called)

  • Warthog – 1400 points

An A-10 Thunderbolt will proved air support through several strafes

  • Lodestar – 1500 points

You’ll be able to launch multiple missiles from the Lodestar into the map.

  • VTOL Warship – 1600 points

The player will be able to gun down enemies from the warship

  • K9 Unit – 1700 points

Multiple attack dogs will engage the enemy.

  • Swarm – 1900 points

A swarm of Hunter Killer drones will search and destroy enemies on the map. The Ultimate Scorestreak!

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