Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Racks in 1 Billion Dollars

The much appraised Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has racked in one billion in worldwide revenue since its launch on November 13th Activision announced. The game reached the milestone in only 15 days, which surpassed Modern Warfare 3, which took 16 days to reach 1 billion in revenue. Activision said that this success speaks to the state of entertainment today stating the successes shows the “strong appeal of interactive audiences worldwide.” To put this into perspective, the widely successful Hollywood film Avatar took 17 days to reach 1 billion dollars in revenue.

Activision did not stop at just there billion dollar milestone numbers when praising there recent creation. Activision CEO Robert Kotick noted that since its launch, Black Ops 2 has surpassed the sales of the top ten box office grossing films combined in 2012. Not that the CEO likes to toot his own horn or anything, but he also mentioned that from the start of the Call of Duty series to the present reiteration, the series has outsold the Harry Potter series as well as the Star Wars series. This clearly shows that gaming is the top form of the entertainment in today’s world.

However, not all is well. Industry experts has pointed out concern for the series. First year sales are expected to trend downwards, about fifteen percent less than Modern Warfare 3. If this rains true, this would be the second year that the franchise has been trending down as Modern Warfare 3 was down 5 percent from the first Black Ops. A trend that is one of concern for Kotick.

Time will tell how the numbers pan out, but with the release of Far Cry 3 and the competition from Battlefield, Activision may have to do more. A billion dollars fast looks great, but investors and businesses execs will point to decline of sales as a severe point of caution for the future. Also, it must be noted that Activision did not release the common five day sales numbers, something they have done with other Call of Duty’s.

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