Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide Part 2

Did you get all Intels in the first 6 missions by following our guide? Good, now we’ll finish gathering them in the last missions available.

Mission 7 – Suffer With Me

1 – After you enter the warehouse don’t go any further and just look on the shelves to the left.

2 – During the escort you’ll find the intel near the church: there should be a building with the intel inside to the left of the church itself.

3 – After entering the building with intel number 2 there should be a room with a bed just ahead. The final intel in mission 7 is in the room.

Mission 8 – Achilles Heel

1 – After the speech search for an exit on the right, instead of going through the main entrance. There should be some stairs nearby with the intel.

2 – After the plane is destroyed, you’ll have to follow some enemies and drones in an alley. At the end of this alley there’s should be a small window, go through it and the intel is behind the ammo crates.

3 – Before the bridge to the Citadel you’ll see a small building with a ladder on the right: the intel is on the roof

Mission 9 – Odysseus

1 – Once you have disabled the turrets, get into the room and through the door on the right. The intel is right in front of you near a computer panel.

2 – After you’ve been told to get to hangar deck, by moving towards the mission objective you’ll notice some stairs with a red light. Get on the stairs to the right and get the intel.

3 – On the flight deck you’ll notice planes with the rear doors open. The intel is inside one of the planes.

Mission 10 – Cordis Die

1 – After you’re done with the drones using the Turret, get down to ground level: on the left you’ll notice a bus and a bike, the intel is close to the bike.

2 – Once you’ve been hit by the truck, go left and enter the Hotel: the intel is on the reception desk

3 – When leaving the Hotel of intel number 2, two drones will attack. Dispose of them and head to the left to a shopping mall area. Get close to the T-Shirt stand and grab the intel on one of the shelves nearby.

Mission 11 – Judgement Day

1 – Near the beginning on the deck go to the left, you’ll see some stairs, climb up and you’ll be attacked by two gun trucks: destroy them and go ahead, the intel is in a building past the trucks location, on the second floor.

2 – In the main control room get up the stairs to the right for two floors, go the left and you’ll fine the info on one of the desks

3 – In the room with the pillars go ahead and to the left. Ignore the stairs going up and go down the next set of stairs. Go towards the direction you entered the room and you’ll find the last intel on a crate.

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