Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide Part 1

If you’re a completionist and you’re already playing through Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 you’re probably searching for all the Intel scattered all over the single player campaign. If you’re feeling lost or simply don’t want to put much of an effort, we at GamerSyndrome are here to help you! Be aware that you don’t have to get all intels on a single mission playthrough: once the intel is yours is yours forever.

Mission 1: Pryyhic Victory

1 – During the first combat scene, get to the right and you’ll notice a destroyed vehicle, you know it’s the right location because you’ll find Mortars: the intel is in an hole in the ground nearby.

2 – After the helicopter crashes and you’re on the barge get to the top deck and check the front: near the mounted machine gun you’ll find the next intel.

3 – The third intel can be found during the retreating section. When you move towards the second location during this section you’ll notice two hunting platforms: the intel is on the smallest one, located to the left.

Mission 2: Celerium

1 – Right after the beginning of the mission you’ll find 2 drones: the intel is nearby. Don’t enter the complex before retrieving the intel because you won’t be able to come out again.

2- After collecting the camo suit and getting rid of the attacking enemies, get in the office to the left and you’ll find the intel.

3 – After freeing Erik and disposing of the enemies, you’ll be able to enter a previously locked room directly opposite from the container’s location: the intel is inside

Mission 3: Old Wounds

1 – After the horse ride you’ll find yourself in the rebel outpost. After speaking with their leader, search to the left.

2 – After destroying the flying gunships you’ll have to fight 2 tanks. Once you’re done, head straight and you’ll see a red flag in the direction the tanks came from. The intel is near the flag

3 – After the tank attack, you’ll have to recover the weapons cache. When you can see the bridge you’ll also be able to spot a cave to right. Get in and the intel is yours.

Mission 4: Time and Fate

1 – In the beginning, after Raul’s has made his escape, go on and head for the barn. Avoid the horses and check the cart behind the barn

2 – Approaching the main compound you’ll notice a tower to the right. Climb the ladder and jump off at the second floor to get the intel.

3 – Inside the cocaine bunker, after having killed all enemies inside and Woods is climbing the ladder, turn around and get out of the room: you’ll fine the intel on the bench near the doorway.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel

1 – At the beginning of the mission you’ll find the first intel by checking the shelves in the room with the CLAWS.

2 – After you open the gate you’ll have to avoid a bus: get on the right and the first alley to your left has the intel.

3 – While dodging the Drone’s spotlights you’ll enter a destroyed building. As you approach the marker a section will collapse and you’ll find the intel on the floor, ahead of you.

Mission 6: Karma

1 – Once you have breached the server room, run to the right of the marked objective and you’ll find the intel sitting on a table

2 – After the fight scene at the club, inside the mall you’ll have to head downstairs. Once at the bottom head to the right into the clothes store. Behind the computers on the desk you’ll find the intel.

3 – While chasing DeFalco you’ll notice a pool with a gold object at the center. Head to the left side and then onto the wall on the right. You’ll find a desk with the intel right on it.

Stay tuned for the final part of the guide covering the remaining single player missions.


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