Borderlands 2- WHERES TINA?!?!!?!?

So im finally gonna pick up border lands 2 because…well….i don’t want black ops 2 anymore. I have seen a LOT of stuff on it and it looks pretty damn good. I’m mainly getting it so me and my bro can kick some ass together online (cause I mean, that’s what brothers are for, right?). It is WAY bigger then the first Borderlands and has a lot more features. Im really looking forward to goin’ assassin on them :D. While i was discussing with my brother the reasons for getting Borderlands, he pointed out something by saying, and i quote, “I only have two words for you when it comes to borderlands 2….Tiny Tina. That is all.”   This got me thinking “WTF is a tiny tina” , so i looked it up and, I must say, HA and also HA! This has got to be the greatest designed character I have EVER seen. It’s just friken’ hilarious. She’s basically a little, mentally unstable, bomb expert, NPC little girl. He was right, i would get this game for that character alone. I’LL MEET YOU ON THE BORDER, GUYS!!!!!

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