Borderlands 2 Sells Over 5 Million

Borderlands 2 Sells Over 5 Million

Publisher Take-Two are laughing all the way to the bank it seems, as they have claimed to have sold over five million copies of Borderlands 2. Claptrap is surely dancing with glee.

The figure combines of course retail copies across primary platforms PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, as well as “strong digital sales” from Steam and PSN.

An extremely impressive achievement considering the game is only one month-and-a-half old. After its launch in mid-September, the game had sold around 1.82 million copies in its first two opening weeks in the US.

Take-Two has stated that Borderlands 2 has become¬†“one of the most successful releases in [subsidiary] 2K’s history”.

Things are looking more than promising for a Borderlands 3 in the future!

[Source: CVG]

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