Borderlands 2 Pirate DLC

Gearbox is on a roll with their DLC. While playing the demo at PAX one of the staff commented,

We originally expected Mechromancer to be out about 90 days after the release, but it turns out we got really good at making Borderlands. So now we’re expecting her to be released on October 16th.

And apparently, they really did get good at making Borderlands. Not only did Mechromancer come out much earlier than originally expected, she was releases even earlier becoming available for play on October 9th. But now what will we do on October 16th when we were all prepped an ready to play as Mechromancer for the first time? Gearbox steps in once more to fill the void.

On October 16th, Gearbox and 2K will be releasing their first of four DLC additions to Borderlands 2. This DLC is going to be pirate themed featuring a woman by the name of Captain Scarlett. Captain Scarlett inhabits an ocean world resort town called Oasis that has been overtaken by the desert.

Yes, deserts seem to be very prominent in the world of Pandora, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford promises a desert land more akin to Star Wars’ Tatooine filled with pirates. The DLC will also come with a new vehicle that seems to be Star Wars inspired as well.

yo-ho, fiddle-dee-dee; you are a pirate!


The DLC will be available for all systems on October 16th for $10. It will automatically be delivered to you if you got the $30 season pass. Gearbox’s last two DLC in the original Borderlands were fantastic, so let’s hope they continue producing amazing experiences. Even if the rate at which they’re producing new content is a bit mind blowing, I’m sure everything will live up to their gold standard.


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