Borderlands 2 Introduction to Sir Hammerlock trailer

Officially release Borderlands 2 trailer with Sir Hammerlock narrating a very detailed introduction to the new Borderlands 2 game.  This video is very detailed and runs a whopping 6:59 minutes!.  In the first part of the video he goes on to explain the new area’s of Borderlands 2 and the changes in landscape and scenery then going on to talk about the different classes of characters.  As we all know the main for characters will be Axton, Salvador, Zero and Maya which will be fully customizable in the game from heads, skins, hard, colors etc.. if you wish to visually customize your characters.

Sir Hammerlock then goes on to review the special abilities of each main character.  Maya can use her phase abilities to control the battlefields; imprisoning enemies, healing allies and dealing a lot of elemental damage.   Axton the commando having his Saber turret and the ability to attach a nuclear bomb making huge explosions every time.    Interested in sniping and head shots?  then Zero is your guy, with his awesome ability to teleport your enemies wont even see you coming.  Lastly we have our good friend Salvador the gunzerker who can wield any two guns at the same time.. and whats borderlands without a crap load of guns? and they really do stress the massive number of guns in this game, over 87 bazillion of them all of which are trad-able with your friends or sortable in your vault.

How is it possible to have 87 bazillion guns in Borderlands 2?  Sir Hammerlock goes on to explain that all the loot and items, guns shields and grenades are randomly generated so no two pieces of gear are exacly the same.    He then goes on to talk about the bazillion granades you can have, and the hundreds of different enemies that can kill you (and you can kill), Relics, class mods, etc..  Simply put Borderlands 2 will be classic borderlands game play we all learned to love mixed in with exiting new game play, guns, features and characters.  Anyone have their pre-order yet?

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