Borderlands 2-I’m in Love with my Cousin

Borderlands 2-I’m in Love with my Cousin

You know those movies, like the Hangover or Wunderlust, where you know it is SOOOOO stupid but it makes you laugh uncontrollably? Thats what borderlands 2 is. It is such an AMAZING game. Whether its the thousands of gun types you can find, or the outright hilarious dialogue. I have been playing for about 8 hours total and I’m still not even an eighth of the way through the game. The skill sets are very well thought out and the players unique abilities are really helpful. While me and my brother were playing (him the tank, me the assassin), we noticed that every time I was to do an action, a little symbol would project from my digital visor. When I’m helping up a downed teammate, a little heart appeared. When we ere trading, a little japanese symbol appeared, and when i was in the menu, a little question mark sat on my face. Thats just good planning and thought if you ask me. I don’t play shooters very often, as i feel they are all just the same games now, but this is a very different case. I definitely recommend this to ALL OF YOU.

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