Get Ready for Bioshock Infinite With the Board Game Siege of Columbia

Bioshock Infinite: Siege of Columbia in development by Plaid Hat Games is the latest video game related board game to be announced and it looks promising. Players can choose sides as the Founders or the Vox Populi as they attempt to gain control of the flying city Columbia. The board game itself will include 52 miniatures, cards, dice, and an apparently “colorful” board. One of the miniatures comes with the Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions of the video game.

“Players will play as either the Founders or the Vox Populi and will build up an army to fight for control of Columbia by taking ground and completing important objectives,” Colby Dauch, founder of Plaid Hat Games and chief designer of the board game said to Polygon. “The whole while they’ll be using their influence to sway various events that arise. They’ll also find themselves having to deal with Booker and Elizabeth who are running around Columbia creating havoc.”

In the video game Bioshock: Infinite, you play as Booker T. Washington whose mission is to rescue Elizabeth from the city and her captor, the Songbird. Having the board game as a sort of companion piece to the game itself should offer interesting insight on the storyline.

The board game will have players combating each other, stealing, assassinating, destroying, and much more mayhem. With this kind of direct interaction with each other and affecting the story so drastically can even lead to different outcomes or scenarios under which even the video game main protagonists will effected.

“The board game is going to have you tactically playing cards and moving figures around a board (which sounds less awesome from a storytelling point of view), but it is the creativity the players lend to the experience that take that from a figure moving around a board, dice being rolled and cards being played and turn it into an epic plot twist. ” Dauch said.

Bioshock Infinite will be released February 26, 2013 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

[Source: IGN]


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