Best Video Game Halloween Costumes 2012

Hey fans, it’s Halloween time again!  And once again we have scoured the Internet to bring you the best video game based Halloween costumes for 2012.  In our list of best Halloween costumes for 2012 we specifically made sure that these costumes are all purchasable through retail means on common sites such as,, and of course the cosplay outlet Yes we get it, all the hard core cosplay and costume designers out there that plan and make your Halloween costumes months ahead of time have some pretty awesome custom outfits but wait till you see our list this year, it will make you think twice.. scared that someone else might show up at the same party with the same costume as you do? A couple sexy Princess Peach’s from Mario or a few Ezio’s from Assassins Creed at the same party ain’t that bad right?

Some costumes start out simple and with almost everything included such as the Mortal Kombat series and the Street Fighter series but as you progress into the Assassins creed, Zelda, Halo and World of Warcraft Halloween costumes the details and accessories are going to be the things that really differentiate how you fare versus the others dressing up as the same character, the accessories are also the things that are going to set you back the most money especially when you want 100% authenticity and bonus points you will need swords, boots, weapons etc..  Keep in mind we have not seen most of these costumes up close so the deception may be in the images posted 🙂

Remember make sure you order your costumes well ahead of time,  I give at least a week in advanced to make sure your ready to go for those Halloween parties!



Top Halloween Video Game Costumes for Men:

Go figure that most Halloween video game costumes are made for men, there where so many that we had to actually be very selective when posting up the list.  By far our favorite for both detail and possible uniqueness is the assassins creed costumes both are very realistic and detailed and with accessories you might actually feel like your really Ezio or Altair.  Of course second place goes to the Halo Master Chief supreme edition costume but that thing will set you back $800!  and then you have to either find or make your own gun that’s big enough to warrant a Halo outfit (nothing we could find on the retail market for this).. it would be weird walking around as Master chief with a nerf gun that’s for sure!.  By the way we don’t see any reason why Women couldn’t also wear these guys costumes as a lot of them are uni-sex.


Assassins Creed – Ezio or Altair: 




This is probably one of the most detailed most accessorized costumes of 2012.  First off you have all the clothing which is meticulously crafted to look like the video game version of assassins creed from the boots to the cape, hoodie even down to the belts and vambrace’s.  With the huge popularity of this game there are also a large number of cool replica weapons and accessories you can get for example,  our all time favorite is the Assassin’s Creed II Armored Vambrace with Gun and the awesome real looking sword of Altair all of which can be purchased through and yes the complete outfit can be purchased as seen in the picture. Just be careful walking around with this 38” blade you might end up in a cop car if your wandering around the streets with this thing.

Assassins Creed Costume Accessories:

there are so many weapon accessories available we had to make a small sub section just to list them all.

Assassins Creed Extension Knife: This is the hidden blade that attaches to the Vambrace,  the blade is about 14″ long extended and has a release button that allows it to release and retract.

Altair Sword: with a 38″ blade this is an authentic full sized sword.   Real stainless steel blade with wood handle with markings and fittings.  Sword also comes with a sheath and a strap.

Throwing Knives: 61/4″ Stainless steel throwing knives that fit in the belt, there are a couple different grades of these but obviously we chose the one that looks closest to the real deal.  As with most of these accessories the knives are not sharp and come with a dull edge.. but no one needs to know that.

Smoke Grenade: looks like a smoke grenade, this is a non working model (to bad) and probably quite hard to carry around.  Even at only 2 3/4″ diameter if your out an about on Halloween this one is probably not the most fun to carry around.

Armored Vambrace with Gun: its a Vambrace with a gun built in.


Devil May Cry Halloween Costumes


So these are pretty standard cosplay costumes that can be purchased at, close enough to the video game version? .. probably not you would need to buy a bunch of supporting clothing to really make it look the part such as boots, gloves, wigs etc.. even then am I convinced? almost.. what would really put this costume over the top is the ability to get the Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero, once you have this 42 inch beast slung over your shoulder little kids will be crying as you pass them on the street.


Zelda – Link Halloween Costumes

This one is another favorite of ours, there are a lot of places on the net (see list of websites we listed at the top of the article) where you can get the standard Zelda/Link costumes even down to the boots (actually they call it “Elf Warrior” on most of the sites but close enough right? on its basically the same costume but named Legend Of Zelda, a little more leaned towards the game version).  Both costumes do not come with the boots so you will need to purchase them separate, these will most likely need to be cosplay as Link has some pretty anime looking gear.  Now to accessorize this costume to make it look authentic.. what do you need?  of course a shield and a sword, we found a few replica’s online with a life sized shield and sword, the sword is real so just dont go running around town with this thing or you might end up in the paddy wagon.


Halo Master Chief Supreme Costume:

So this costume looks like the real deal, its complete and awesome and the fact that its an official Microsoft licensed product.. other then OS crashes it should be pretty solid.  This costume comes with everything you need from head to tow including the Halo helmet, not like those low grade versions you find at the local costume store where the armor is printed on some spandex.  This thing looks high quality made from fitted plastic and the only thing you need is a Halo gun replica which we couldn’t really find at a retail level (if you know where to get one please let us know we found one guy that made halo guns but he was unavailable for comments).  Here is a guy on youtube that actually bought this costume un-boxing and showing each piece.



Mortal Kombat Halloween Costumes

Pretty realistic looking costumes this season for Mortal Kombat, We found these on a lot of sites for the two characters Scorpion and Sub Zero.  Both these costumes are officially licensed by Mortal Kombat.  The costume comes with Ninja jumpsuit with attached tabard, molded armor pieces, belt and mask so you will need to purchase boots to match the outfit.  Pretty decent for a costume that will run you about $50, now all you need is some mystical ninja skills and you good to go.


Street Fighter Halloween Costumes

The stretfighter costumes are looking pretty good this year, simple but authentic, with costumes for Ken, Akuma and Ryu, basically just a karate Gi  the only thing you need to do is get buff and learn how to throw Haduoken’s.

Top Halloween Video Game Costumes for Women:
Not as many costumes here as in the guys section.. a lot of the women’s costumes we found where sexy nurse, belly dancer, school girl etc.. so it comes as no surprise that even most of the video game costumes we found worth noting are of the “Sexy” Halloween costume variety but seriously that’s the trend.. its not because we are just a bunch of lame guys sitting around a computer looking for sexy video game costumes for women.


Mortal Kombat Kitana and Mileena:

Administer the Kiss of Death as 10,000 year old Princess Kitana from the Mortal Kombat video game! Kitana Costume, from includes: Headpiece, Face mask, Lace up top, Armbands, Gauntlets, Shorts, Attached tabard, and Boot tops. This is actually a pretty close match to the video game version of Kitana but believe it or not Mileena is actually over dressed in the costume version compared to the video game.


Miss Pacman Costume

Here is another ultra classic video game costume, super simple and really gets the point across. But really, I’m not even sure if some of these should even be considered costumes, they’re just a long tank top t-shirt with some pacman graphics.

Lara Croft Costume:

Seriously, could their have been a more iconic girl video gamer character of the 90’s? The awesome outfit of Lara Croft can be yours, thanks to Included in the package is everything you need to become Lara Croft. From fake guns in a gun holster, right down to the shoes, everything is included in this package.  But really, I think even just going into any mall these days you can probably just make your own Lara Croft costume and pick up some guns at your local wal-mart.


Princess peach Mario brothers: 

Who doesn’t love everyone’s favorite Princess from the Super Mario Bros series? Thanks to work by now you can be the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and look awesome! It may not look exactly like Princess Peach from the video games but trust us, this is a great costume and we can see this being a hit at the Halloween festivities wearing something like this!


Street Fighter Chun Li Costume

Another classic and iconic video game character, this outfit is actually pretty dead on compared to the video game everything from the boots and the hair ties to the spiky wrist bracelets, and this one isn’t even more sexy than the original!.  We thought we would mention that Chun Li has always worn these sexy outfits from the beginning.. we think it’s to distract her Male opponents so she can kick the crap out of them while their jaws are on the ground.


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