Basic 8GB Wii U Reduced to 3GB After System Installs

Customers who have pre-ordered or who are planning to purchase the cheapest Wii U model may be disappointed, as Nintendo have revealed that the 8GB model will be reduced to a mere 3GB of space after installing system software and creating a user profile.

Those planning to purchase the  32GB Premium Wii U model will have 25GB of usable space after the installs. This was confirmed after Kotaku’s translation of the recent Nintendo of Japan Nintendo Direct episode, which explained all there is to know about the Wii U storage. You can read about it in detail right here.

This is rather problematic to anyone who would like to download the games on the system, as even the small Wii U launch title Nintendo Land at 3.2GB is too big to fit on the remaining memory. New Super Mario Bros. U, fortunately, can fit, as the game takes up 2GB on the disc. Still, this leaves no room for other eShop purchases.

While I’d personally recommend investing in the premium model to save the hassle, it’s not the end of the world for the basic model consumers. You can still expand the memory by attaching an external hard drive, and the Wii U can support up to 2TB in memory.

Which Wii U model will you opt for?

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