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Bad Piggies is the latest installment in the Angry Birds series and this game takes a whole new approach. Rovio released the game on September 27th 2012 and it became the fastest selling game on the Apple App Store. Although this game has been slightly over-shadowed by the upcoming release of Angry Birds Star Wars, it still has hit the digital shelves with a boom.

This time around, you are controlling the pigs and you find out the story from the pigs perspective. It is also nothing like the other Angry Birds games. If you want the good old “fling a suicidal bird into a bunch of pigs who they don’t like” action this game many not be for you, if you are interested in a different concept this franchise has produced, keep reading.

In this game you have to put a pig into some sort of contraption and successfully and safely cross the pig over the finish line. There are many different ways of doing this. You are given some different options and devices to help you reach the other side. There are bottles of soda which explode giving you forwards momentum or fans propelling you forward. Balloons and umbrellas gently lifting you in the air and weird pump things that pump you in the direction of your choice.

This game does have its ups and downs. The start of the game is overly simple and seems like an extended tutorial. But the transition from easy to hard is very abrupt and sudden. And it gets boring in some sections of the game unlike previous Angry Birds games. But this game is something totally different to what we have seen before and can be very enjoyable and addicting. Like the other games in this series, it has a very simple concept that turns into hours of fun.

This is an odd game and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it on IOS or Android. Whether you should buy this game depends. This game does take slightly more skill than the rest of the series. This is more of a puzzle and strategy game, then the other games which have been labelled as ‘arcade.’ If you want just another of the Angry Birds game than this game is probably not for you. But if you are willing to try something new from great developers, who have dominated the mobile games market since it came out, then this game will be a good choice. If you like to have to use your brain when playing games and you like arcade and puzzle games, you should get this game.

On iOS this game is 99 cents and I do recommend you buy it.

On Android this game is free and I definitely recommend you download it.

[xrr rating=8/10]

8 out of 10


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  1. Iv got this on the android, it takes a little time to get familiar with what they want to do and how the parts all fit together and work.. but after you figure it out its just as addicting as angry birds.

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